Transform your indoor experience.

Instant 3D maps. Instant positioning. Get it all in minutes.

Like GPS does outdoors, our instant mapping and location platform fundamentally changes the way you, your customers and tenants experience your indoor spaces. Our customers use our platform to increase revenue in commercial real estate, reduce equipment costs in hospitals and drive more sales for retailers. With our proprietary sensors and API you can change the way you experience, understand and design your indoor spaces.

Big capabilities packed into a small device.

InnerSpace uses cutting edge mapping technology, Smartphone-compatible sensors and machine learning to automatically generate maps and accurately locate people and things throughout indoor spaces. 

Map dynamic and complex spaces in minutes, and accurately pinpoint the location of people and assets within centimetres. InnerSpace is effortless infrastructure for your IPS application.

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We designed InnerSpace to be the most scalable indoor location solution available, and didn't stop at the technology. Our location-as-a-service approach means that our API provides you with contextual maps and positioning data accessible on a subscription basis. The on-demand data can be accessed to create and power applications across a wide breadth of enterprise and consumer-level uses.