Patented technology delivers turnkey Location-as-a-Service indoors


InnerSpace sensor units integrate multiple patented technologies to deliver the world’s only turnkey indoor location platform.

Connect the sensor to a power source to instantly and automatically create maps of any indoor space, deploy accurate location services and start gathering valuable insights to drive your business

Here’s how it works.

Automatic Mapping

Location requires context, so maps and floorplans are required for any indoor location experience. InnerSpace sensors integrate LIDAR technology to quickly scan any indoor space and automatically create 3D models and floorplans. Each unit scans the local area around it, then sends it to the cloud to be composed in minutes into a complete view of even the largest indoor spaces. And when things change, you can re-scan your space on demand.

Hybrid Positioning Technology

InnerSpace sensors combine a proprietary mix of state-of-the-art positioning technologies that can be used individually or in combination to provide accurate indoor positioning for any smartphone or wearable. Our positioning technology uses both Wifi and BLE signals and implements advanced trilateration and SLAM fingerprinting approaches.

Passive Position Tracking

Get valuable location insights, with no opt-in required. InnerSpace sensors listen for signals that are commonly emitted from smartphones and wearables when looking for Wifi hotspots or Bluetooth connections. This means that the position of these devices can be calculated and tracked without the need for any proprietary software to be installed on the device or any user opt in.

Self Calibrating

A system isn't turnkey if it requires complex calibration steps. With InnerSpace sensors, there is no need for manual calibration to ensure accurate positioning. Each sensor knows its own position within a space relative to all of the others, and can listen for signals broadcast by the other sensors to automatically calibrate the space. And because this happens in real time, accuracy can be maintained when conditions in the space change. 

Active Positioning

Indoor location is about more than just tracking movement. Looking to provide turn-by-turn indoor navigation in your store or simply to built the next killer app for the indoors? InnerSpace sensors also broadcast signals that can be used by indoor-location based applications on smartphones. Active positioning signals include Wifi, classic Bluetooth and BLE.  

AI Powered Insights

Even if you don't have a team of Data Scientists at your disposal, you can still make the most of the spatial data you collect. The InnerSpace partnership with IBM means the power of IBM's Watson is available to support natural language inquiries into your data. This mean no complex query languages - just ask and get answers.

A complete indoor location development platform, powered by IBM Bluemix

Looking for more than spatial analytics and insights about how your physical spaces are being used? Or are you a 3rd Party developer looking to build indoor location experiences for others? InnerSpace sensors create a flexible platform for building these experiences. Integrate with our Mobile and Platform SDKs to build custom location-based apps for your business.

Flexible Power Options

A/C Power? Power-over-Ethernet? Battery power? Yes. InnerSpace sensors use an interchangeable power base for unprecedented installation flexibility. Wherever you want to put them, you'll be able to easily provide the power they need to get you up and running effortlessly.