InnerSpace’s mission is to power every location-based experience we have indoors.

InnerSpace was founded in 2014 by a group of entrepreneurs in Toronto who believed the indoors is the next digital frontier for our modern society and wanted to prove indoor mapping and location could be dead simple. GPS and outdoor maps have enabled experiences and applications we rely on every day - yet we spend only 10% of our time outside. InnerSpace’s product would simplify indoor mapping and location - where we spend 90% of our time - driven by a ground swell of enterprises and consumers who expect the services and experiences we have outside to be available inside. The product would deliver immediate value to businesses (InnerSpace’s customers) to scale the number of locations, helping to accelerate towards a platform that would power all indoor experiences - just like GPS and Maps power street-level experiences.

After 6 months of engineering, InnerSpace had designed a system for automated 3D mapping with integrated location that could create a 3D model of a space in seconds and precisely determine the location of mobile devices. The system would be powered by a new, low-cost device that combined LiDAR and WiFi and Bluetooth radios combined with advanced cloud software. A patent for the system would later be filed.

In early 2016, InnerSpace unveiled their spatial analytics product at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where the company also won the 4 Years From Now competition. The InnerSpace spatial analytics product automates indoor mapping and location and identifies opportunities to reduce costs and increase revenue for millions of businesses around the world. InnerSpace’s launch partners span the commercial office space, healthcare, retail.

InnerSpace is scaling the number of customer locations in the United States, Europe, Asia and Canada. The company has partnered with IBM to expand distribution and introduce innovative solutions using IBM BlueMix and IBM Watson.

InnerSpace has built something that will change the world. There are a few categories and use cases that are understand but there will be hundreds more that we don’t know that will touch our lives and businesses in different ways.

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