Map. Locate. Measure.


InnerSpace is the only turnkey way to see and measure what is happening in your retail space. Know where your customers are not converting and measure the impact of your merchandising strategy, customer service and marketing programs.

 Help us shape the future of retail.


Big data packed in a small device.


The InnerSpace BrickTracker combines 360 degree spatial sensing technology to automatically create a map of your space including aisles and corridors with builtin WiFi and Bluetooth radios for accurate location positioning.

When the physical layout of your indoor space changes, Bricktracker will automatically detect the change and update your map itself. The Bricktracker is constantly monitoring your space for opportunities to improve product placement and marketing campaigns enabling your business to operate with effortless insights about your customers in the moment.


Reimagine retail with
indoor navigation.


When you put the InnerSpace BrickTracker in your space, a new era of retail begins. One where anyone can easily find the products and services they want using only their smartphone and in exchange you are able to predict and adapt to the changing needs of your customers.




Mobile App

By using the InnerSpace mobile app or embedding our SDK into your own app, your customers get turnbyturn walking directions to each item on their shopping list with the capability to deliver timely campaign messages in realtime. Suddenly your offers are more valuable when you are delivering a better experience to your customers. Through the use of the app, you are able to deeply understand customer intent and predict the impact of improvements.