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Seamlessly connect your
patients to the services
they need.


Improve the patient experience while lowering your operating costs.

InnerSpace is the world’s first turnkey indoor location platform that can change the way we think about data in healthcare. Imagine being able to identify opportunities to improve the patient experience by visualizing how patients navigate your facility - the time they spend moving between appointments, the frequency of visits and pathways, the optimal location of medical and support equipment or the influence of healthcare staff on the continuum of care.


Optimize Intelligently.

Track patient loyalty and identify the factors that influence the patient experience. InnerSpace provides you with the information to invest intelligently in your facility and your assets.


Real-time Location.

Integrated, real-time location means you know exactly where healthcare assets are and the tools to connect them to patient needs. We make it easy for you to optimize the investments you've made and reduce downtime so you can focus on the important work of delivering a better experience for your patients and staff.

Mobile Possibilities.

InnerSpace brings a complete mobile application platform to enable indoor location healthcare apps: instant check-ins, patient locator & geofencing, co-ordinate care by knowing the exact location of assets and healthcare provider availability, search & turn-by-turn directions. We enable experiences that are right for your facility and patients.


It's time for modern healthcare.

We are working with the North America's leading healthcare providers and agencies to digitize the healthcare facility and power better healthcare.
Read how we can help transform your healthcare facility.