Powering smarter buildings.


Increase productivity and lower your operating costs.

InnerSpace is the world’s first turnkey indoor location platform that can change the way we think about smart buildings and the workplace. Imagine being able to identify opportunities to lower your real-estate costs by visualizing how your space is utilized - the time spent in meetings, the optimal locations for collaboration or independent work and even unproductive time.


Workforce Metrics.

InnerSpace combines automatic mapping and real-time location data so you know what is happening in your workplace at all times. Track collaboration and identify the factors that influence workforce productivity. InnerSpace provides you with the information to invest intelligently in your workplace and your team.


Real-time Location.

Integrated, real-time location means you know exactly where your IOT devices and key assets are and the tools to connect them to tenant needs. We make it easy for you to optimize the investments you've made and reduce downtime so you can focus on the important work of delivering a better experience for your tenants and their team.

Mobile Possibilities.

InnerSpace brings a complete mobile application platform to enable indoor location workforce and Smart building apps: instant meeting room availability, check-in to work to know teammates availability, concierge services, search & turn-by-turn directions. We enable experiences that are right for your teams.


Connect to your workforce.

We are working with the North America's leading real-estate and workplace design services to digitize the workforce and power smarter buildings.
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